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Hilco Vision AutoShip

Never Run Out of your Most Used Supplies Again

Is your office manager tired of wearing too many hats and is your inventory out of stock, running low or MIA? Hilco Vision now offers AutoShip to keep you stocked and ready to answer any and all of your patient and customer needs.

Hilco Vision AutoShip allows you to schedule orders at a regular cadence to ensure you never run out of your most used supplies. Auto shipments are easy to manage; edit, skip, pause and add, all on your schedule. Set it, get it, done!

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Set it

Set your product up with AutoShip and select your desired shipment interval.

With Hilco Vision’s Autoship functionality, you can select from a variety of our products and enable them to be shipped to you at a regular cadence leaving you more time to spend with your patients and customers and less time online placing multiple orders per week or month!


Get It

Your AutoShip product arrives regularly and can be modified as needed.

Using our intuitive order dashboard on, you can simply login and amend and update your pending Autoship subscription orders with ease!



No surprises. We’ll notify you about upcoming shipments.

When your order is a few days away from shipping, you’ll automatically be notified of your incoming shipment of products!

Look for this icon on AutoShip products. Shop Now!

Watch this short video to learn how to set up an AutoShip order today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Hilco Vision AutoShip?

Hilco Vision’s Autoship program is designed to save time — simply set up an AutoShip enabled product to be ordered at a regular interval, allowing you to spend less time online, and more time with your patients and customers!

Q. How do I sign up? How do I place an AutoShip order?
A. Easy — no sign up is necessary, you only need to have an active Hilco Vision web account to place an AutoShip order. Visit the product page of any item with AutoShip enabled and select Hilco Vision AutoShip. Then, fill out all of the necessary information within the drop down and select Set Up Autoship. That’s it!

Q. How do I combine items to be in the same order?
A. Additional items can be added via their product detail page. Select "Add To Existing AutoShip" and choose the shipment name via the dropdown. Set the desired quantity and click "Set Up AutoShip". The item will be added to the shipment. You can check what items are added to a shipment by visiting the Manage AutoShip page via the account dropdown on the upper right corner.

Q. How do I make changes to my AutoShip order?
A. Visit the Manage AutoShip page via the account dropdown at the upper right corner of the site. Here you can change the shipment interval, date, quantity, move items to a different shipment or skip a shipment.

You will receive an confirmation email 5 days prior to the shipment. To ensure we have time to accurately update, reschedule or cancel your next AutoShip order, any changes must be made 3 days before your designated ship date. 48 hours prior to your ship date your AutoShip order enters processing and no changes can be made for this shipment. Changes that are made during or after the lock down period will be reflected in the next shipment.

Q. What if I have a cold ship item in my order?
A. The same rules apply for cold ship items as described in the Cold Ship Policy. Cold Ship Standard (Within 2 Days) – ships on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday only (excluding holidays).

Q. What happens if a product is out of stock?
A. You will receive an email notification if an item from an AutoShip order is out of stock. All Back Ordered items will ship once they become available. Until then your AutoShip order will ship as scheduled, with all other products included. Once an item is back in stock you will be notified by email.

Q. What happens if a product is discountinued?
A. You will receive an email notification if an item from an AutoShip order has been discontinued. Please log in to Manage AutoShip to cancel or remove the product from your AutoShip order.

Q. What if a product is not setup for AutoShip?
A. Please use the "Send Feedback" link in your account dropdown to suggest a product that is not setup for AutoShip.