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We want to thank you for your desire to do business with Hilco Vision. We are confident that you will be pleased with the consistency and reliability of our products and services. To ensure prompt processing of your New Account Application (see links below), please complete all sections and be sure to include a copy of Resale Certificate/Tax Exempt Form (if applicable).

New Account Application and Exemption/Resale Certificate may be emailed to:  By doing so, you are giving Hilco vision, as well as its agents, affiliates and lenders, permission to review your business and personal credit history in order to provide you with formal credit approval. New Account Applications are typically processed within 48 business hours from the time they are received. Once your account number has been established, you will receive notification from our Customer Care Team. 

We look forward to doing business with you and thank you in advance for your most generous patronage and for your confidence in Hilco Vision.

New Account Application (English Version)

New Account Application (French Version)

New Account Application (Spanish Version)