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OnGuard® Industrial Safety Rx Eyewear

OnGuard Industrial Safety has been the trusted prescription safety brand since 1999. We strive for continued success in innovation, design and anticipating consumer needs. Each of these attributes is core to the development team here at Hilco Vision.


Every day, 2000 US Workers Sustain Job-Related Eye Injuries that Require Medical Attention

An ever-evolving list of industries and occupations present a risk for eye injury.

Safety Like Never Before

The Made in the USA Collection

Hilco Vision undertook an initiative that would bring our global company back to its local roots. With first-in-class Design, Sourcing, & Engineering teams, Hilco Vision launched a project to support our manufacturers across the country and create a groundbreaking product that showcases American-made materials as well as domestic molding, & assembly – no one else in the industry comes close.


Shop More OnGuard Collections

From industrial construction to home carpentry, there is a stylish, comfortable option for everyone - turning a “must-wear” pair of safety glasses into a “want to-wear” style.

The Basic Collection

The Basic collection features a great variety of classic styles at an entry price point to suit a variety of work environments.

The Wrap Collection

Sporty, comfortable Wrap styles are the top sellers across most industries with a wide assortment of sizes & colors that perfectly blend fashion & function.

The Value Collection

With the greatest range of sizes & materials, frames in the Value assortment are a classic choice to fit nearly every consumer need.

The Premium Collection

Focused on sophisticated styling and quality spring hinges, the unisex styles in the Premium collection are a fashion forward safety option.

The Elite Collection

Designed with a contemporary aesthetic, the Elite collection highlights unisex styling using both metal & acetate materials and feature our patented iShield technology.

The Titanium Collection

A premier option that boast superior strength, slim profiles, and lightweight comfort. Hypoallergenic material is ideal for consumers with sensitivities.